Thierry Téchy

Thierry-TechyThierry Téchy co-founded Selligent with André Lejeune while earning his degree in robotic engineering from ISIC. Thierry was the technology mastermind behind Selligent’s first solution, an innovative approach to CRM that leveraged what was at the time a relatively novel concept: Client/Server software architecture. He served as Selligent’s CTO for many years, and today continues to drive innovation as Chief Product Officer, guiding the company’s strategic expansion into omnichannel engagement and customer intelligence. In this role, Thierry leads Selligent’s global product management organization to further optimize the company’s platform for accommodating new technologies and touchpoints used by the always-on consumer.

With over 25 years of experience in marketing software, Thierry’s technical ability, combined with a practical business view of the market, makes him one of Europe’s foremost experts in all aspects of CRM, internet, and mobile technologies. An avid automobile enthusiast, Thierry knows more about cars than he cares to admit.